Karen Roesch
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in progress 

Roesch, Karen. Language attitudes and preservation in German-American dialects: a matter of life and death. (20% complete). To be submitted to Mouton de Gruyter, Spring 2015.


Roesch, Karen.  Language maintenance & language death: The decline of Texas Alsatian. Culture and Language Use, Vol. 6. pp. xv + 253. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. http://benjamins.com/#catalog/books/clu.6/main; Reviewed by (1) Christopher D. Sapp (2013) in American Speech 88(2): 219-222; (2) David Robertson (2013) in eLanguage(Linguistic Society of America) http://elanguage.net/blogs/booknotices/?p=2607. 

Peer-reviewed articles  

in progress 

Roesch, Karen A. Variations of /r/ in German-American dialects: the apical trill in Texas Alsatian (40% complete). To be submitted to the Journal of Germanic Linguistics in March 2014. 

under revision

Roesch, Karen A. The Last Alsatian Cowboy: Case Maintenance in a moribund Texas-German dialect.  Currently under revision for resubmission to American Speech in December 2013. 

in press 

Pierce, Marc, Hans C. Boas, and Karen Roesch. The History of Front Rounded Vowels in New Braunfels German.  In Germanic heritage languages in North America: Acquisition, attrition and change, Joseph Salmons & Janne B. Johannessen (eds.). Amsterdam: John Benjamins. 


Boas, Hans C., Marc Pierce, Hunter Weilbacher, Karen Roesch, and Guido Halder.  The Texas German Dialect Archive:  a multimedia resource for research, teaching, and outreach. Journal of Germanic Linguistics 22.3: 277-296. 



Roesch, Karen A.  Review of German: Biography of a Language, by Susan H. Sanders.  Die Unterrichtspraxis 44.2, pp. 167-168. 


Roesch, Karen A.  Review of Variation im Deutschen: soziolinguistische Perspektiven, by Steven Barbour & Patrick Stevenson.  reviews@linguistlist.org. Issue #19.2814. 15 Sep 2008.


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