Karen Roesch
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, Germanic Studies (Dec 2009)
University of Texas at Austin
Dissertation: “Texas Alsatian: Henri Castro’s Legacy”
Advisor: Dr. Hans C. Boas
The dissertation provides the first in-depth description and analysis of Texas Alsatian as spoken in
              the 21st century. It examines distinctive linguistic (grammatical and lexical) and extra-linguistic
              features (individual and community identity, attitudes) of TxAls which have been maintained
              in the community since 1842 despite intense contact with other German dialects and

M.A., Curriculum & Teaching (2000)
Michigan State University
Centre Internationale de Valbonne, France

B.A., German/English, French
Trinity University
San Antonio, Texas
Year Abroad, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität, Freiburg, Germany
Secondary Teacher Certification in German & English

PhD Courses, University of Texas at Austin                                                       Back To Top


  • Applied Linguistics (post-MA):
    • GER 397P Computer-Assisted Language Learning
      GER 397P Technology and Foreign Language Learning
      GER 397P Methodologies in FL Teaching
      GER 397P Curriculum Design
      EDC 385G Teaching Culture
  • Sociolinguistics:
    • LIN 396 Sociolinguistic Methods
      GER 385 German Sociolinguistics
      LIN 396 Language Contact
      GER 393K Language Contact & Language Death in Texas German
  • Synchronic Linguistics:
    • GER 381.1 Introduction to Synchronic Linguistics
      GER 385 German Dialectology
      LIN 380K Phonology I
      GER 385 German Phonology
  • Diachronic Linguistics:
    • LIN 381 Diachronic Linguistics
      GER 381.3 Introduction to Diachronic Linguistics
      GER 381.7 Introduction to Old Norse
  • Japanese (Credit by Exam):
    • JPN 506 First-Year Japanese I
      JPN 507 First-Year Japanese II
      JPN 412K Second-Year Japanese I
      JPN 412L Second-Year Japanese I


      GER 386 Survey of Modern Literature
      GER 386 Survey of Medieval Literature
      GER 392 Chrètien de Troyes: Arthurian Romances
      GER 385 Readings in Old Norse

  • Intellectual and cultural history:
    • GER 392 Construction of Identity in Post-war Germany
      GER 381K German Literature and Cinema

      (see BA for additional literature courses)

        + GRS 390S Academic and Professional Communication

MA Courses, Michigan State University (2000)                                       Back To Top

      TE 870 Curriculum Design, Development, and Deliberation
      TE 813 Curriculum in its Social Context
      TE 844 Classroom Literacy Assessment
      TE 891 Teaching Creative Writing
      MTE 807 Professional Development & Inquiry
      TE 808 Inquiry into Classroom Teaching & Learning
      TE 890 Creating Communities of Learning
      TE 894 Lab & Field Experience (Community-Building Techniques)
      TE 894 Lab & Field Experience
      EAD852B Secondary School Administration

BA Courses, Trinity University & Albert-Ludwigs-Universitaet, Freiburg Back To Top

      GERM 324 Advanced Grammar and Phonetics
      GERM 320 Advanced Composition and Conversation
      GERM 311 Reading in German Literature
      GERM 331 Survey of German Literature II
      GERM 118 Production of German Period Play
      (Albert-Ludwigs-Universitaet, Freiburg, Germany):
      GERM Deutsche Grammatik
      GERM Naturalismus
      GERM Literatur der deutschen Aufklaerungszeit
      GERM Das deutsche Geschichtsdrama
      GERM Eine altdeutsche Literaturwissenschaft
      GERM Themen und Motive der Hochdeutschen Epik
      GERM Urfaust und Faust I

      FREN 401 Elementary French I
      FREN 401 Elementary French II
      FREN 310 Intermediate French
      FREN 311 Readings in French Literature
      FREN 320 Advanced Composition and Conversation

      ENGL 304P Modern Literary Analysis
      ENGL 379 William Blake
      ENGL 326 Linguistics Structural
      ENGL 328 Literary Criticism
      ENGL 349 Romantic Period 1798-1832
      ENGL 346 Modern Drama
      ENGL 360 Teaching English Literature
      ENGL 362 History of English Literature
      ENGL 363 History of American Literature
      ENGL 302 Literature from 1500-1900
      ENGL 303 Literature of the 20th Century
      ENGL 374 Language Acquisition and Development
      ENGL Thornton Wilder
      ENGL Outsider in American Fiction

      EDUC 321D Human Growth and Development
      EDUC 322D The Learning Process
      EDUC 651 Secondary School Teaching
      EDUC 659 Student Teaching

Additional language training:

9/1991-3/25/1993 Japanese
Intermediate Certificate
March 25, 1993
Tokyo School of Japanese Language
Tokyo, Japan
10-12/1989 Japanese Language
Total Immersion
Inlingua School of Languages
New York, USA
1/1977-4/1978 French
Levels I, II, III
Inlingua School of Languages
Frankfurt Germany

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